Christmas 2007

Christmas of ’07 was probably my most memorable Christmas ever because I received one of my all-time favorite TV shows, Boy Meets World, on DVD. Not just the 1st and 2nd seasons but all 7 in a complete box set. Insert happy dance. Back then I didn’t think much of the fact that I was able to access all these episodes so easily but as we were talking about it in class I realized itmid-2000salways so common to have your favorite TV shows on DVD. In class, Professor Battles referred to these as “Cult Shows.” Which means they have a small following of very loyal followers. According to Lotz the success of television shows selling as DVD’s was surprising to the industry.

This topic is very interesting to me considering I own a few different television shows on box set including; Friends, Gilmore Girls, Nick and Jessica (reality), Criminal Minds and as soon as one of my select show, Stranger Things, comes out on DVD I will own that too. Lotz states that “By 2005, DVD sales of television shows reached $2.6 billion and accounted for nearly 20 percent of the overall DVD sales market” (128). This has proven to have provided a new revenue window for not only successful shows but also for shows who did not do so good in their original airing. This was a huge success in the mid-2000s but unfortunately, as technology grows bigger and bigger, DVD’s might be the next thing to go. When we were asked the question in class on Thursday of “how many people own a TV show on DVD?” only 3 or 4 people raised their hands, and we are a class full of millennials!

christmas 2007

Comparing our reading by Lotz to internet research, says, “The primary problem is the secular decline in the disc revenues is what is hurting that core business.” Television shows are becoming available to stream off online sources such as Netflix and Hulu. A few of the shows I own on DVD are available on Netflix, such as Friends and Gilmore Girls, and I have found myself watching these on my laptop instead of just popping it into the DVD player.

Lotz mainly talks about all the positive things of being able to access TV shows on DVD and how successful it was to the industry, but like all things, the world is changing. We are becoming more reliant on what is the easiest to access and how fast can we get it.

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